Preparing Children for Siblings

Adding a new addition to your family is such an exciting time. For siblings though the processes of adding a little can be a challenging one. Change can be emotional and confusing especially for children.

The metamorphosis of your littles transitioning into big sibs doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Here are some tear proof ideas for preparing older children for their new siblings that will get everyone in the family excited!

Chattanooga doulas

  1. Taking big sibs to ultrasound appointments- As a parent nothing makes pregnancy feel as real as seeing your new baby on the screen and hearing the thump of the heart beat. The same thing applies to big sibs! They will get a glimpse of their new brother or sister that makes the idea of being a sibling so surreal and exciting. This will be their first official “introduction” so make sure to include them throughout the whole ultrasound process. (Side note) it’s a good idea to wait until after the twelve week mark before bringing your child with you to an ultrasound appointment.

  2. Books- Reading to your child is always a great idea. If you don’t already, we highly suggest that you establish a bedtime routine (reading can be done any time during the day; but there is something so special about a bed time story) that includes reading a story. Books about being a big brother or sister would be perfect to read at night.

  3. Remind them of friends with siblings- It's fun for children to relate to other friends who have also gone through the transition of becoming a big sibling. Little reminders like “remember when your friend __________ got a new sibling?” Or “I bet so and so will be so excited that you are going to be a big brother/sister too!”

  4. Get their opinions- Kids love to share their opinions whenever they feel like it. But when you ask their opinion about names they like or nursery wall colors it will make them feel excited and included.

  5. Decorate together- Let them choose some fun items to add to the new baby’s nursery. This will be fun for them to “show” their new sibling the treasures they picked out just for them later.

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