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The Ultimate Third Trimester Check List

Preparing for a new baby can be both exciting, and overwhelming; especially in the third trimester. Becoming a new Mom takes a good bit of preparation.

Unfortunately, sometimes that pesky "pregnancy brain" gets in the way of us accomplishing the tasks that need to be done before the arrival of our sweet baby.

Worry not new Mommy! We have compiled 'The Ultimate Third Trimester Check List' to help make your third trimester stress free.

1. The Birth Plan: Your birth plan is an essential part of ensuring that your desires for birth go the way you have planed. Want to delay cord clamping? Saving your placenta for encapsulation? These are the things your birth team needs to be aware of.

2. Choosing A Pediatrician: Your new bundle will see their pediatrician while you are still at the hospital (if you are giving birth in hospital). So, it is extremely important to have one picked out before Baby is born. Make sure you choose a pediatrician that aligns with your beliefs for child care, and is one that you feel comfortable asking all of your new parenting questions to.

3. Installing the Baby's Car Seat: This step is especially crucial if you plan to give birth at the hospital. Before you leave the hospital, staff will make sure that you have the car seat installed. Check to find a child car seat inspection station near you to ease your mind that your child's seat is installed properly.

4. Pack Your Hospital Bag: You'll want to bring all of the essential items with you to the hospital to help make you feel more at home. Toiletry items, phone chargers, comfy socks, and baby clothes are just a few examples of items that you will want to bring.

5. Prepare for Your Home Birth: If you are planning on having a home birth, you will need to have everything ready for your home visit with your midwife. (Midwives typically give you a list of supplies to have on hand for birth). If you are wanting to labor or give birth in water you should have your birth pool blown up and put in a safe place along with the rest of your home birth equipment.

6. Choose Your Favorite Birth Affirmations: Birth affirmations are a great asset to have during labor. In a way they help the mind get out of the way of the body. They are positive words, or quotes that help train your mind to let your body give birth the way it knows how...Biologically.

7. Interview Postpartum Doulas: A postpartum doula is there to help your new family during the first days and weeks after giving birth to your baby. Your postpartum doula will help you to have an easier transition into parenting.

8. Prepare Freezer Meals: Making and freezing meals prior to giving birth will take a lot of pressure off of your postpartum. Instead of having to prepare and cook a whole meal, all you need to do is pull a meal out of the freezer and heat it up. This will also save your family time, and money from having to order take out meals.

9. Have Contact Numbers Ready: Compile a list of all of the names and phone numbers of everyone on your birth team; including, your OB or Midwife, your birth doula, your babysitter (for any older children), a lactation consultant (if you plan to breast feed), and your postpartum doula.

10. Clean House, and do Laundry: Whether you go to the hospital, or have a home birth this step is crucial. You will want your home to be a clean, peaceful environment when your new baby arrives. When you wash your little one's clothes, make sure you use Free and Clear, or baby safe detergents that are free of any irritants. (i.e. Seventh Generation, Baby Ganics, or Dreft)

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