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"Seriously, everyone should hire a doula! I don't know how I would have done it with out her. Thanks Lauren." -Linda B.

"After having a horrible labor and delivery with my first baby, from the moment we made it home, I knew that if I was able to have another everything had to be different. All through my second pregnancy the thought of a natural delivery crossed my mind but it was never something I had decided on until over half-way through my pregnancy. With this decision I decided that a doula would be a key factor in having the labor and delivery that I so longed to have. I first met Lauren through Church and through keeping touch on facebook saw that she was a certified doula. While chatting with Lauren I immediately loved her personality, and was drawn to her willingness to help us with whatever birth we wanted (even if we changed our minds in the middle of labor). That openness to follow whatever we wanted was what first drew us to her.

We went into labor early at 36 weeks and had not had our second prenatal appoinment where we would go over labor techniques and good ways to cope through contractions. With my water breaking early we already had to change our birth plan and headed straight to the hospital with no contractions in sight. Lauren met us at the hospital early on and gave us all the tools and techniques I needed in order to go into labor prepared. She stayed by our sides until our first feeding and was a invaluable tool in the success of my labor and delivery. I could not imagine going through labor without Lauren there to help us, she made sure not only to advocate for my but for my husband as well. Her at-home pre- and post-natal visits were a great bonus to hiring her, and helped us prepare for all the contingencies that might happen during labor. I cannot recommend Lauren enough, and we will definitely be using her again with any future pregnancies! She genuinely loves what she does and put in everything she had to make sure I had the labor and birth I had desired." Ashlee R. 

"Hiring Ashley was hands down the best decision I made regarding the birth of my son. We were picky on who we chose and had interviewed 3 other doulas- I knew I wanted a doula present at his birth, someone that would help me stay focused and centered, especially since this was my first baby. I did not get to have my OB deliver my son and had to deal with the on-call doctor. That alone drastically changed the experience I had imagined having. I know if i had not had Ashley there with me, I would’ve faced medical interventions that I did not want.
She helped protect my birth vision, helped me adjust my focus as my labor progressed and most importantly- she was my ultimate defender, making sure the details I had asked for and outlined for our son (delayed cord clamping, for example) were all honored and accomplished. She made me feel 100% safe and communicated with every step of the way. (Unlike the on call doctor, sadly) It also took that pressure off my husband, so he didn’t have to stress about missing any of those details and could just focus on me and his new son. Now 3 weeks later, as I look at my beautiful boy asleep on my chest, I’m so grateful for women like Ashley who make new moms like me feel empowered, capable and supported." Christy T

Chattanooga Doulas

"Asking Sarah Schmidt to be my doula for my third and last home birth was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. She helped so much during the chaos of early labor when my husband and  I were trying to find a sitter for our girls and reminding me to relax during contractions especially when active labor started and staying with me when my midwife had to step out. Over all made the experience the best and easiest labor I had to endure. Thank you again for the extra support."

-Sara Y. 

"My doulas are the best in town! I am beyond blessed to have had these women by my side during the hardest twenty six and a half hours of my life! Thank you so much Lauren, Sarah & Deb for all of the hours, prayers, positions, strategies, and mental focus that helped me get through the never ending pitocin induced labor I went through. I adore and love you guys so so much! Nothing I say or do could ever repay you for what you did for me. Thanking the Lord for placing each and every one of you in my path right on time." - Liza M. 

"Absolutely loved our journey with The Scenic City Doulas, Sarah Schmidt was so helpful in every step of the way before, during, and after our delivery she was amazing. So glad that we had the priviledge to have a doula with this birth. Thank you so much again for helping me achieve the birth experience I wanted. You have left me feeling more empowered than ever Sarah!!! XO" - Justina D.

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