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Chattanooga Doulas


Our LaBassine birth pool is

  • large enough to accommodate two people 

  • has muliple handles for changing positions and pushing comfortably

  • easy access to get in and out

  • easy and fast instalation and deflation  

  • available to rent in four week increments 37-41weeks.


The total rental cost is $100. 

A $50 deposit is required to reserve your rental and the remainder is due at drop off.


This cost includes: 

- birth pool set up and pick up 

-your own pool liner single use

Call us Today to reserve your rental

(423) 708-4626

Water Birth has been shown to have many great benefits for both Mom and Baby during delivery.  

Some of these benefits include:

1. Pain relief


2. Helps women to feel lighter and makes it easier to change positions


3. Helps reduce stress hormones 


4. Reduces risk of episiotomy and tearing  


5. Encourages relaxation of the pelvic floor


6. Encourages a gentler arrival and transition for baby


7. It can reduce the length of labor by encouraging the release of labor hormones


8. Reduces the risk of interventions such as pitocin, epidural and cesarean section 

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